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 Our stunning Red Jasper Elder Futhark rune set is perfect for  creating more emotional stability, courage, confidence and grounding in your life.

Jasper works with the Root Chakra (Muladhara) to ease anxiety, restore self confidence and protect your energy.

This set comes with the classic Nordic 24 Elder Futhark symbol runes and one Wyrd rune.

A wonderful tool for anyone looking to connect with the energies of ancient Norse traditions and harness the earthy power of red jasper for inner strength and balance. The protective and stabilizing energies of red jasper are great for meditation and can be used as talismans.

Each set comes with a drawstring cotton pouch, printed with the meaning of each rune on it.

Colour, sizes and shapes may vary, as product is made from natural stone.

Red Jasper Elder Futhark Rune Set

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