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Aura Sukha was born from my passion for nature, and a healthy holistic lifestyle. As a herbalist and Yoga teacher, I wanted to offer products that nourish the spirit.

We aim to create sustainable, plant-based products that support optimal wellbeing for the body, mind and spirit. From our home goods, crystals and eco friendly Yoga accessories, to our own handcrafted Plant based skincare and personal care products, we do our best to support ethical sources and green design. We support fair trade and equality for all.

 Our goal is to keep the authenticity and integrity of nature in every product. We are a grassroots collective that believes in supporting our community and collaborating with local charities here in Mallorca, and beyond.  Our aspirations are strongly rooted in animal welfare and in creating a kinder, cleaner planet for all. A portion of proceeds from all sales always go toward the rescue, aid and safe homing of animals in distress. 

Shop Aura Sukha at selected retailers & markets across Barcelona, Ibiza & Mallorca, OR on our online shop!

*A Portion of all of our Proceeds always go to the rescue, aid, and care of animals in distress.

For more info or charitable collaborations:

Contact us via CHAT or Email.

We look forward to meeting you!

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