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Explore the magick and mysticism of the Runes!


Rune stones are an ancient form of divination based on the runic alphabet, believed to be gifted to the world by the God Odin himself, who saw them in a sacred vision. 

The word "rune" means whisper, secret or mystery. The rune stones help you explore your inner landscape and unlock the secrets of your own intuition for healing, self empowerment and guidance. Much like tarot, the runes help you find answers to questions and offer new insights for your soul journey.


Size: The size of the crystal runes is fairly consistent. They are mostly between 20-25mm at their widest points. The weight does vary between different crystals, but on average are about 9 grams per stone.

Information: Set consists of 25 crystal runes and a beautifully made satin-lined velvet bag. Does NOT include instruction booklet or book.

Nordic Crystal Runes Set

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