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Add a high vibe boost to your water or favourite drink!

Infuse your water with the energetic frequency of crystals.

This OM Crystal Elixir Water Bottle is made with high-quality Borosilicate glass, stainless steel and genuine crystals.

The bottle itself  has a separate compartment where you can place and interchange your crystals. The split crystal chamber keeps your crystals dry, so any mineral on the Mohs scale stays safe and intact without water damage. You can even place Selenite in the chamber without any worry!  Just unscrew the bottom stainless steel cap, place the crystals of choice into the infusion chamber and re-tighten, then fill bottle chamber with water. Each bottle comes with a set of small pocket size crystals of your choice.  You can than mix, match and add any other crystals you like, as we also sell  a wide selection of bulk sets and individual pocket crystals,  just for you! You can choose the crystals that best suits your needs each time you sip! It is the ideal tool for creating magical moon water during full moons too!

Choose from our many options above and/or buy more crystals from our crystal/mineral selection anytime!  * Crystals are a natural product, so colours, size and shapes may vary from the photos.

OM Crystal Elixir Drink Water Bottle

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