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 Bring harmony and balance to the subtle body.


Our Chakra Balance Candle is lovingly hand poured with intention and high vibes to help balance and harmonise your chakras. Light this candle during your meditation, yoga, or self-care routine to promote emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. Each candle is phthalate and parafin free, made with soy wax, a dremy sandalwood fragrance and 2 wooden wicks for better scent distribution. The crystals are handpicked to represent each individual Chakra and each one can be reused after the candle has been burned. the crystlas can later serve as Reiki stones, meditation tools or as  palm stones, simply rinse with warm water to remove wax residue.

Please email us for accurate shipping prices , as price varies per country.


Burning time : 23 hours


Net weight0.64Kg /candle
Shipping weight0.64Kg
Dimensions10.5x6 (cm)
Materials / IngredientsSoy Wax, Fragrance, Glass,

Chakra Balance Candle

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