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The Flower of Life was first found in ancient Egypt, etched on the walls of an Osirian temple. It is believed to represent the unity of all life and the interconnectedness of all beings.

  Our beautiful Flower of Life Aroma bangle is adorned with cubic zirconia and etched perfectly into stainless steel, so it never tarnishes or fades. The locket is 20 mm and comes with 5 different colourful Aroma felt disc pads that can diffuse your favourite essential oil or perfume. Just add a few drops to the pads and insert them into the magnetised locket compartment, so the pads stay put. Enjoy the long-lasting scent of your perfume or Essential oil everywhere you go, all day long! Perfect for Aromatherapy lovers and ideal for those with skin or perfume allergies, who still want to wear their favourite scent without the negative reaction. The perfume or liquid won't come in contact with the skin as it stays on the pad in the locket. Makes a great gift!


Product Details:

Locket is 20 mm . Bangle is made from Stainless steel..

Flower of Life Aroma Bracelet

20,00 €Prix
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