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These handmade genuine stone perfume bottles are a unique and magical way to store your favorite essential oils and perfumes. Crafted with a variety of beautiful  genuine stones, each one is unique, with its own unique shape, size, and color, making it the perfect accessory for any crystal lover.  Each one comes with a handy pipette dropper for easy filling and a secure, non spill screw on lid to keep your scent fresh. Each individual crystal's energy is believed to have a powerful effect, imbueing the wearer with its metaphysical qualities. This crystal perfume bottle is sure to bring a touch of magick to your life.

 Choose from:

Clear quartz

Rose quartz




Smokey quartz



Metals Type: Stainless Steel and Gold plated Stainless Steel

Material: Natural Minerals and Crystals

Crystal Perfume Bottle Pendant

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