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Enhance sexuality and strengthen your pelvic floor.

The Yoni or in Sanskrit, "Womb" eggs are egg shaped stones tare inserted into the vagina and are believed to enhance sensuality, strength, and healing. They can be made of various crystals, like clear quartz, rose quartz, and jade – each type of crystal serving a specific purpose. Rose quartz helps imbue self love, self care and deeper intimacy.

Approximate size of the piece: 2 x 3cm

Approximate weight of the piece: 19gr

The pieces that will be delivered are similar to those in the photographs


Disclaimer: We are not legally liable nor will assume any responsibility for any damages caused by the use of Yoni eggs, or complications with the product. Use is strictly at user's discretion and is understood at moment of purchase.

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Yoni Egg Small in Rose Quartz

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